Tailor-made solutions

Our Service: Manufacturing - Sourcing - Assembly

Our focus is to provide our customers a quality supply chain solution with delivery on time at competitive prices

Our strengths are within metal and plastic components and assembly manufacturing

Our factories have a number of different capabilities and we prefer to make everything ourselves but can also do sourcing if needed.

Our focus industries are within a wide range of industries but we are especially strong in office furniture’s, Window & door industry and architectural hardware but we are happy to supply outside these areas.

B2B Hardware capabilities

Some of our in-house Capabilities:

Project management and drawings evaluations including design for manufacturing input.

  • 12 Stamping machines from 6,3T to 100T machines
  • 4 Plastic injection moulding machines from 50T to 408T (1-50g, to 250g, to 950g)
  • Tool and mould making machines (Vertical milling, Grinding, mini latch)
  • 15 Machining & CNC (Riveting, milling, ultrasound, drilling, tapping, Alu cutter, 2xCNC T-V856S)
  • 9 Tube processing machines (Tube bending, Tube shrink, tube cutting)
  • 8 Welding stations (CO2 robot, CO2 manual, Alu/SS Tig)
  • Surface finish (tumbling, blasting, de-burr lathe, polish machine, pre treatment, PC, laser print)
  • Testing equipment (Vision, NSS test, hardness, thickness, gloss meter, colour match, cross hatch)
  • Sewing
  • Prototyping (3D printer – 200x190x160mm)
  • Assembly cells for single part, sub-assemblies & finished products.

Some of our surface Capabilities:

  • Anodizing in standard & multi colour
  • Electro plating
  • Electroless plating
  • EP coating
  • Steel ball blasting
  • Toumbling
  • Laser printing

Some of our external Capabilities:

  • Alu extrusions on up to 4000 tons machines
  • Alu die casting
  • Zinc die casting
  • PUR, Foam, EVA, Rubber, Leather, Blow moulding

B2B offers customised solutions

Die cast parts for windows

Hardware solutions - delivered all over the world

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